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It’s warm where I live. Hot, really. Really, really hot. And humid. Really hot and humid.

And even though we are blessed with a house full of air-conditioning, I do realize that when I have come home from a day of running around in said heat and humidity not only is my hair bearing a strange resemblance to an ungroomed Labradoodle – I am just not very hungry. Oh, I’m hungry. But not hungry hungry. Not Hungry Hungry Hippo Hungry.

These are the days that strain my desire to turn on the stove and cook something.

What to do, what to do. A girl’s gotta eat. And so does her family.

Oh sure, I could buy a bag of salad and toss it with some stuff for Padme and I, but teens get hungry like two seconds later after a salad. Hungry hungry. Artoo is going to eat the turkey burgers that I cook in bulk every weekend, and will then proceed to eat every fruit and vegetable in the house. Lando Calrissian will eat his low-carb dinner and try not to think about carbs for the rest of the night. The boys are covered it would seem.

So we’re back to Padme and I. We’re game for trying just about anything, so I thought “how about something light but filling, that requires little to no work. A bite. But a substantial bite. You know?”

I love the way I think. So without any more fuss, here’s Day 1’s recipe of Bite Back Week. It’s also Shark Week, so I had to run with the theme……..


White Bean and Basil Dip

1 can White beans, Navy Beans, cannellIni Beans or Great Northern Beans (any white bean will do here)

1 bunch fresh basil, washed, dried, and all pretty


2 garlic cloves

1/2 tsp salt or more to your liking

A few grinds of pepper

4 tbsps. Olive Oil ( I used extra-virgin organic olive oil)

2 tbsps. Parmesan cheese – optional (I left it out for ours)

Vegees like red pepper, orange or yellow pepper, carrots, romaine lettuce leaves, something sturdy

Tortilla chips, lentil chips or good old potato chips!




1. Drain the liquid from the beans through a strainer.

2. Empty all of the strained beans into a food processor, or a large bowl for hand-blender use.

3. Tear the basil into pieces – it bruises like, well, basil, so don’t be worried when it looks oddly injured. Add it to the beans.

(Could you just eat it like this? I seriously would. I almost did.)


basil dip ingr 2

4. Add in the oil, salt and pepper, garlic cloves and cheese if you are using it. Blend or process on high until thoroughly mixed.

5. Chill, if desired. Ours only lasted as long as it took for me to get a few pictures! That’s it. Nothing fancy, but very tasty! And easy.

pesto dip

pesto dip


Now……………is there a blog about how to groom a Labradoodle?


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