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And now for something completely different…..

But not really.

Finding your focus when blogging is so very important. I knew my focus was food. Gluten-free food. But as I started delving into what I truly loved to read about, learn about and cook – it turned out to be vintage food. I know, I use that term a bunch. But it’s true. You can now find me at as well.

I do love an old recipe.

Comfort food. Grama’s food. The food that warms your body and heart all at the same time. The food that you want at the end, or beginning, of a hard day.

Close your eyes and let your mind wander back to when life was a little slower. What was your favorite comfort food? Let me know in the comments below, and I may try to recreate it so you can eat it!

retro header

So, when I truly found my little niche within a niche within a niche – it turned out that’s where my passion was all along. And writing about what you love is so much better than just writing. I just had to uncover it as if it was many layers of flaky phyllo dough…..mmmm….phyllo.

So, the title of my blog may have changed, and the emphasis is slanted towards recreating lovely dishes from the past in gluten-free and dairy-free forms – but I hope you will stay and enjoy all that I plan to offer you!


The Retro Mom

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