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Bite Back Week. Day 3

So to recap on Day 3 of my homage to Shark Week ~ it’s hot, it’s humid and my hair looks like something out of Star Trek. Any questions?

No, I won’t post a picture of my hair.

I was in a mood today. I needed hot food. My last two posts have been good and cold dips, but I really wanted to turn on that stove and get cooking. It was pizza night in our house and I had cheese. CHEESE!!!! Both real and fake. I had to do something. I had already blogged about pizza crusts. And yes, I did try the cauliflower crust – again – and it ws a colossal failure. I think my Pinterest boards might just be lying to me. But cheese is cheese and you can always do something with it. I tneeded to be quick, and easy. Something to make a “bite” out of. Or a few “bites”. Nothing fancy.

It was about this time that I remembered how much I like making grilled cheese sandwiches, and enjoy the cheese that oozes out of the sandwich onto the pan and gets all crispy…….

How much easier can it get – fried cheese bits and pieces!Oh, I know they are called tuiles, but today was not the day to get all technical. But now you know the term. So there.

The oven was already on for pizza crusts – let’s add in a little bit of stove as well. I started heating up my trusty cast-iron pans and out came the cheese!

A few minutes later and…….



Cheese Plates

You will need:
Cheese, either dairy-filled or Daiya shredded, and a pan.

Everything else is optional – tomatos, pepperoni, onion, salami, bacon, pineapple, ham, tomato sauce, cashew flour, oregano, anything else you would like!

Here’s what to do:
1 Grate the cheese if you need to.
2. Turn on the stove to medium.
3. When your pan is heated, put a small handful of cheese in the pan, making sure it starts melting into a circle-like shape. Add more cheese if necessary. It will spread and melt almost immediately. Resist the temptation to panic about cheese melting in your pan!


*helpful hint from Heloise: if using Daiya cheese, it will take longer to cook. Don’t worry, it will be delicious!

4. Sprinkle the cheese with any spices you like, or place thinly sliced tomatos on top of the cheese. Add 1/2 tsp of cashew flour sprinkled onto the cheese if you would like a little sturdier “cheese plate”.

6. Working quickly but smoothly, slide a spatula under the cheese and flip.
Cook for about 30 seconds on this side. Remove from pan and place on a flat plate/cutting board.



7. Allow to cool and top with just about anything!





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