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Bringing your grandmother's comfort food out of her recipe box and into your gluten-free kitchen

Hello there!

IMG_8365The world doesn’t need another food blog. It really doesn’t. It doesn’t need one more person’s review of a baking mix, frozen food, fast food chain or restaurant. It doesn’t need another recipe posted for shrimp dip, crème brulee, or crock-pot enchiladas. It doesn’t need any more people pushing their eating philosophies on it – be they paleo, grain-free, grain-full, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, or clean-eating fanatics.  If the world sees one more blog about eating gluten-free it may lose its giant, collective mind.

Got it.

Yet, here we are. Here you are. Here I am. You, and me. Reading my blog.

Now, what would set this little blog apart from all the others?

Just wait……….

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