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The Sweetest Marshmallow Cola Dessert To Ever Dessert. Ever.

I love sweets. I don’t care what form they are in. I don’t have just a sweet tooth – I have a sweet, um, I don’t know.

Sweet mouth? Sweets-wanting body? Sweet-loving disposition? Sweet state of mind?

No, too pretentious. Let’s leave it at I love sweets.

(Seriously, anyone who knows me knows to call 911 if I ever turn down dessert. Or a sweet snack. Or a bite of chocolate. Or a grain of sugar. I love sweets.)

So when I read through my new “250 Luscious Refrigerator Desserts” booklet, I was understandably wayyy too excited. So many pages, so many desserts. So many sweet things! And very little cooking required. Yay! (said the girl writing a gluten-free cooking blog…..)

dessert book

And then it happened, I chose a dessert that almost took me down.

Cola Marsh Ice.

I know, it looks so innocuous, doesn’t it? So innocent. So refreshing. I know. I hear you.

My teeth hurt just looking at it again. Truthfully, my family doesn’t drink soda. We barely drink juice. Our “soda” is Izze Soda, which is sugar and fruit juice mixed together and then carbonated, and we have it once a week on football Sundays. Or Kombucha, which is like a very lightly sweetened soda. But not. So our tolerance for sweet liquidy things is very low. I’m guessing if you do drink Coke, then this will probly taste like a Coke Icee/Slurpee. I remember those, they were awesome!

To be fair to the good people at the Culinary Arts Institute of 1950, this recipe was very refreshing. I can see how, on a very hot day it would instantly make you feel cooled down. It has enough of a “tooth” to it that you don’t feel like you are just eating sorbet – but you feel that it lingers in your mouth for a bit. I know, I sound so pretentious when I talk about desserts. Sweet lover, remember?

So, all in all, it isn’t a bad dessert at all. Just.Very.Sweet. Very, very sweet.

Although I compared it to a Slurpee, it’s probly a lot healthier! If you use a healthier soda and marshmallows, as I chose to, it may become a summer favorite! Because of the taste, you only need a bit – kind of like a palate cleanser.

cola marsh ice recipe

So enough about how sweet it is, let’s get down to work!

Here’s What I Did:

1. I chose Whole Foods 365 Cola, no corn syrup or preservatives/additives, it has real cola extract in it and is made with cane sugar. Ok, admittedly not too healthy, but healthier than Coke or Pepsi.

2. I found a brand of marshmallows that was o.k. in my book – Jet Puffed marshmallows have blue dye in them, among other yucky things. My kids were so happy to have an actual marshmallow in their hot little hands that it didn’t matter what bag it came out of!

3. I poured my melted into a plastic wrap-lined loaf pan. Into the freezer it went!

Ummmm… I stirred it a few times as directed and kept freezing it. It wasn’t looking good.

In the morning, it looked somewhat better. I tried to scrape, fork and fluff, and slice it.


Slicing won out for a nice presentation if I was serving it to people. But for pictures, scooping is prettier. I used a small ice cream scoop, and because the ice wasn’t “icey”, it was fairly easy to scoop.

That’s about it, fix it and forget it! And don’t forget to brush your teeth and floss before bed – you do not want to leave this sticky goodness on your teeth…….

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